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Bio-Life Fabric Cleanse
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Bio-Life Fabric Cleanse

Bio-Life Fabric Cleanse5

An award winning additive for your laundry. Denaturing 90% of pollen, dustmites & pet allergens found in your clothes. ...

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Bio-Life Fabric Cleanse

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Bio-Life Fabric Cleanse 5 stars Bio-Life Fabri Cleanse Written by

An excellent way of removing allergens from the laundry and enabling me tocontinue to wash at low temperatures. Since using it with my bed linen the rashes caused by mites has completely disappeared.

Bio-Life Fabric Cleanse 5 stars Brilliant Bio-life Fabric Cleanse Written by
Iíve recently discovered this product and am absolutely delighted with it. I find that I donít need to use as much as stated, however, this may change when peak allergy season arrives. I have mould, dust mite and pollen allergies (the full perennial sufferer) and we also have a shedding German Shepherd in the house... All the Bio-life products have been an abloutely brilliant discovery and I would thoroughly recommend them
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