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Wool Pillows

Wool Pillows

Firm and breathable, wool is an ideal material for use in pillows. Every year, more and more research shows that wool promotes better sleep. Breathable, wool is perfect for comfort and produces a naturally plump pillow.

Wool pillows provide outstanding neck and head support whilst retaining a soft wool feel that resists flattening and bounces back easily after use.

Wool is a great sleep aid, it draws moisture away from the skin and helps the body to maintain a steady temperature, meaning it’s never too hot or cold; and it’s also antibacterial and hypoallergenic as well as being naturally dust mite free.

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Hypnos Wool Pillow Adjustable

Hypnos Wool Pillow Adjustable5

The luxurious Hypnos Wool Pillow is ideal for those that love comfort and a great nights sleep...

 £58.95RRP £93.00Free delivery over £30
Penrose Luxury Alpaca Wool Pillow, Standard Size

Penrose Luxury Alpaca Wool Pillow, Standard Size5

This organic pillow is ideal for sufferers of allergies such as asthma as Alpaca fibre is naturally anti-allergenic....

 £49.00Free delivery over £30
Penrose Luxury Alpaca Wool Pillow, Kingsize

Penrose Luxury Alpaca Wool Pillow, Kingsize

A luxurious Alpaca pillow which offers both support and luxurious comfort. ...

 £69.00Free delivery over 30
Penrose Organic Alpaca Wool Pillow

Penrose Organic Alpaca Wool Pillow5

The pillow is filled with only 100% Alpaca fibre which has been processed to organic standards....

 £69.00Free delivery over 30
Hypnos Alpaca Wool Pillow

Hypnos Alpaca Wool Pillow

Unlike normal pillows, the alpaca pillow offers a balance between support and comfort with 100% organic standard alpaca wool...

 £79.00RRP £109.00Free delivery over 30

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