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Wool Duvets

Wool Duvets

A wool duvet is an excellent choice when it comes to bedding. The wool fibres regulate your body temperature while you sleep, so you can enjoy a consistently good night's sleep at the perfect temperature. They are perfect if you share your bed with someone warmer or cooler than you as the wool fibres adapt separately, and this unique feature means your duvet will offer lightness and comfort all year round.  Naturally resistant to dust mites they are ideal for allergy sufferers.

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Penrose Organic Alpaca Wool Duvet

Penrose Organic Alpaca Wool Duvet

A superb organic duvet made from 100% British alpaca wool with a natural cotton cover.Made in the UK....

 From £195.00Free delivery over £30
Penrose Luxury Alpaca Wool Duvet

Penrose Luxury Alpaca Wool Duvet5

A luxurious duvet filled with 100% British alpaca wool for a comfortable night's sleep....

 From £144.00Free delivery over £30

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