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The Fine Bedding Co Head and Neck Support Pillow

The Fine Bedding Co Head and Neck Support Pillow

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The Fine Bedding Company Head and Neck Support Pillow

A unique pillow that provides the perfect level of support and the optimum level of comfort. The special contoured shape is designed to support the head and neck, aligning them in the correct position and helping to alleviate pain throughout the night, allowing for a comfortable and restful sleep.

The pillow has two separate chambers which mean firmness for the head or neck area can be adjusted easily. The side zip access allows you to remove the free flowing cluster to create a level of support specific to you.

The cluster fibres adjust to the contours of your head and neck so that you have a comfortable night’s sleep.

  • 100% cotton cover
  • Filling: 100% polyester
  • Non-allergenic.
  • Washable at 40°C
  • Dimensions: 60cm x 36cm x 10cm
5 Average Rating 5/5 (12 reviews)
5 stars Finally a comfortable nights sleep! Written by

I wish I’d discovered these pillows sooner. After months and months of waking with severe neck and shoulder pain I now wake feeling as though I’ve had a good nights sleep. I have cervical spondylitis and had come to accept the pain as part of my daily life, then I discovered these pillows and whilst I’m not completely pain free I am certainly feeling a whole lot more comfortable and the condition which was extremely debilitating is now perfectly manageable. I would recommend these pillows to anyone who suffers with neck pain,or just wants to wake feeling refreshed.

5 stars Head neck and back pillows Written by

Great product would recommend

4 stars Eased back and neck pain Written by

This is a soft pillow but provides support. Noticed a difference after first night.

5 stars Excellent Head & Neck Support Pillow Written by

I suffer with muscle tension in my neck and shoulders and always struggled to find the right pillow. I found the Fine Bedding Co Head and Neck Support Pillow in a shop in Kilkenny Ireland and I can honestly say I have never slept as well! Recently the shop advised they no longer stocked this pillow but thankfully I found it on and they deliver to Ireland so I can still sleep soundly at night

4 stars Quite good Written by

Really helped my sleep - but, you need to adjust filling daily as it moves around; it gets very warm (I had to use a cooling cover for it); it needs more filling - I had to return and buy a second to use some of the filling from that. I have broad shoulders, so had to use a normal slim pillow underneath it to raise it up. The result is that my neck now hurts a lot less and continues to improve after just a week -so yes I would recommend.

5 stars Excellent pillow Written by

After suffering with neck stiffness and pain for months I bought this pillow after reading various reviews on how it helped people. Well I am glad I did. After only a couple of days sleeping with it my neck has settled right down and I have no pain at all. So very pleased with this product.

5 stars Very pleased with flexible pillow design. Written by

I have cervical spondylosis and any support under my neck at night really helps my sleep. I was attracted by another review pointing out the flexibility you have to build up or down the neck support portion of the pillow with additional filling which you buy separately. I was even more pleased when I found I could remove some of the microfibre filling from the top (head) part and push it into the lower (neck) part to make it just as firm/soft for my neck as I wish without having to buy extra filling. Perfect! Delighted with my pillow and with the rapid and professional service.

5 stars head and neck support pillow Written by

this is the second one I have bought and I am just as pleased with it as I was with the first one

5 stars head & neck pillow Written by

this pillow is brilliant , I bought a second one to use while one in the wash. First time I have had a good nights sleep in 18 months

4 stars Head and neck support pillow Written by

Whats good about this pillow is that it has a zip opening that other pillow do not have. That is the good point. However, the filling is not enough and I had to buy a second pillow and use the filling from the second pillow I bought to fill up the first pillow bought because otherwise it would have been too flat and not supportive enough. I am not a large person, rather small in build and height. Apart from this because it has a zip and you can adjust how much filling you need, you can then make the perfect bespoke pillow, but I could only do this with the purchase of two of these pillows. Otherwise, I am quite happy and sleep much better. Yes it is great for neck support and shoulder support and I should know since Ive had neck problems for ten years following a car accident. I would given this pillow five stars because I had to buy two pillows. It was still worth the buy so do not be put off. If one pillow is not enough, buy another and use the filling and make your perfect pillow by using the filling to adjust the comfort level. It does work. I still plan on buying another two pillows and I am not put off by the fact that I have to buy two of them. I love the fact it has a zip, love that, great idea!!

5 stars Lovely nights sleep! Written by

I purchased this pillow because i was getting a lot of neck and upper back pain, i slept really well from the first night, when i wake up i feel as if my neck is supported which i did not feel before using this pillow.

5 stars Would definatley recommend. Written by
Communication was excellent throughout. The product was packaged very securely and I slept soundly on the orthapaedic pillow and woke up, for the first time in ages without a sore neck. I would definatley recommend both the pillow and the company to anyone without hesitation.

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Is this pillow suitable if you sleep on your side, as I do please?

Yes, it is suitable for side sleepers. The Head & Neck pillow has been specially designed to gently support the contours of the head and neck to alleviate strain on the muscles and to help you get a better night's sleep.

I've just purchased your Head and Neck Pillow. Do I use the large chamber to cradle my neck, or the smaller chamber? One of the three illustrations on the protective outer bag , the description "specialist support", shows the head resting on the larger chamber? Could you clarify this for me please? I look forward to your reply, so that I can use the pillow as it's meant to be used. Yours sincerely. Gordon Wilson.

We recommend that you use the smaller chamber to support your neck and the larger chamber to support your head.

is this pillow very heavy and hard...i have a memoryfoam pillow that is heavy and hard but doesnt cradle the neck...iam struggling to find a pillow that will help my neck and shoulder..... many thanks...

The Posturepaedic Support Pillow is classed as Medium Firmness.

It is not a heavy and hard pillow.

The pillow has two separate chambers which mean firmness for the head or neck area can be adjusted easily. The side zip access allows you to remove the free flowing cluster to create a level of support specific to you.

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