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Slumber 6.8kg Weighted Blanket Charcoal

Slumber 6.8kg Weighted Blanket Charcoal

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Slumber 6.8kg Weighted Blanket Charcoal

Acting like a tight hug, the Allure Slumber Weighted Blanket from Marvel-X will help you calm down and relax, guaranteeing a good night's sleep.

This blanket has been designed with individual square pockets of environmentally friendly, non-toxic, hypoallergenic glass beads to ensure that they remain evenly distributed and stay in place inside the breathable fabric. This also offers maximum comfort while you sleep.

This anxiety blanket applies a delicate but firm pressure that reaches the deep-seated receptors and helps with the release of serotonin and endorphins, which are chemicals that our body naturally produces to make us feel calm and relaxed.

Dramatically increasing the chances of a good night's sleep, this blanket is the perfect companion for people suffering from insomnia. It's also a great choice for people with sensory integration and psychomotor disorders, such as autism and ADHD.

Several weights are available. Marvel-X recommend that the blanket weighs approximately 10% of the user's body weight. We have included a guide below. If your own body weight falls in between the below body weights you may prefer to opt for the lighter option:

Blanket weight recommendations based on your own body weight: Your own body weight (approximate)
in kg in stones in pounds
4kg 40kg 6.29 stone 88lbs
5.5kg 55kg 8.6 stone 120lbs
6.8kg 68kg 10.7 stone 149.8lbs
7kg 70kg 11 stone 154lbs
9kg 90kg 14 stone 196lbs


  • 100% Microfibre Cover
  • Weight: 6.8kg/ 15lbs
  • Dimensions: 122cm x 185cm
  • This weighted anxiety blanket is recommended for adults and not recommended for children or babies
  • Great choice of weighted blankets for adults with sensory integration and psychometer disorders such as autism and ADHD
  • Great choice for anxiety

Care Instructions:

Before washing, it is recommended that you check your washing machine's weight capacity. If your blanket is too heavy for your washer, you should take it to a laundromat or a professional laundering service with large commercial machines. Blankets that weigh more than 5.5kg (12lbs) should be washed in a commercial washer with a capacity for larger loads. Machine wash at 30°C. Hang to dry, and do not iron.

Weighted Blankets - Frequently Asked Questions

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5 stars Really excellent quality Written by

A fab item. I heard someone say they had one on the radio. I decided to try for my wife who struggles sleeping. I have stolen it as she found it too heavy. I went optimistic on weight and glad i did. I have a leg injury CRPS which when touched causes immense pain. I have found it not a problem and then i get a snuggly hug everytime i am on the safa. I love it. I could not have it any heavier but it us brilliant for someone with many medical issues.

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How many layers does this blanket have?

The blanket is not made of layers, its fillings are tiny glass beads and some microfibre filling.

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