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Polti Vaporetto Vaporettino Lux Steam Cleaner

Polti Vaporetto Vaporettino Lux Steam Cleaner

Polti Vaporetto Vaporettino Lux Steam Cleaner
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The Vaporettino Lux is a new edition to Polti’s specially developed Vaporetto steam cleaner range. This range of innovative steam cleaners offer you a product that can clean your whole house and fight dustmites with the power of steam alone. This ecological appliance allows you to avoid the use of chemical cleaning products saving you money and helping you protect the environment.

The Polti Vaporetto Vaporettino Lux can also save you a significant amount of time on your weekly cleaning schedule. Use it regularly and after just a few weeks you’ll find your home to be cleaner and healthier.

The Vaporettino Lux has a 3 bar steam pressure release. When water is transformed into steam at a high temperature with pressure it is capable of detaching and dissolving dirt, eliminating bacteria and dust mites. The residual dirt and grease can then be wiped away with the cloth supplied.

The Polti Vaporetto Vaporettino Lux can be used for:

  • Cleaning Sofas, Mattresses, Curtains & Stains
  • Cleaning Carpets & Rugs
  • Cleaning Floors & Tiles
  • Cleaning Glass & Mirrors
  • Cleaning Furniture
  • Cleaning Plants
  • Removing Kitchen Grease
  • Cleaning Bathroom Fixtures & Remove Lime Scale
  • Cleaning Cars & Garden Furniture

The Vaporettino Lux has a 1000w boiler power with a 0.2L user tank capacity. Polti’s patented safety cap prevents the opening until the boiler has depressurised.

The Vaporettino Lux also features a Liquid Detergent Tank allowing you to combine the effects of steam with one of Poltis HP007 detergents for a dual action cleaning combination.

The effectiveness of Polti steam against dustmites has been severely tested in multiple scientific studies.

Cambridge University

Cambridge University found that Polti steam eliminates 97% of dust mites from carpets or mattresses and cuts allergens by 87%.

Lyons Dermatological Hospital

Lyons Dermatological Hospital has demonstrated that Polti steam radically destroys scabies mites, one of the most resistant varieties, in only 5 seconds.

The British Allergy Foundation

The British Allergy Foundation awarded the Vaporetto range its "Seal of Approval’’ for effectiveness in eliminating mites.

The Vaporettino Lux offers a deep clean in any room of your home. Its endless uses are aided with its range of accommodating accessories. The Polti Vaporetto Vaporettino Lux includes:


Allows you to reach angles that are usually difficult to access.

Steam Lance

Allows you to direct the jet of steam to those hidden and hard to reach areas. Ideal for cleaning radiators, doors, window frames, bathroom elements and shutters.

Small Round Nylon Brush and Small Round Brass Brush

Can be used for stubborn debris. Do not use brass on delicate surfaces.

Window Squeegee

Can be used for cleaning glass surfaces.

Small Curved Nozzle

Can be used to reach the most inaccessible points.


Ideal for use on stubborn, encrusted dirt.

Grouting Tool

Can be used to clean tile grouting.

Cloth Accessory

Can be used to collect the dirt melted by steam.


For quick and easy measuring when filling the boiler with 200ml of water.

Polti benefits from thirty years’ experience and specific knowledge in the production of home appliances using steam. Polti’s quality products are made in Italy, each product is carefully designed, manufactured and tested before leaving the factory.

Dimensions: (W) 34.5 x (D) 18.3 x (H) 28.3 cm

Weight: 1.5kg

We recommend that you read the instructions carefully before use.

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where do you pour the water?

The water and detergent is poured into the tank beneath the handle.

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