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Pocket Sprung Pillows

Pocket Sprung Pillows

With tiny pocket springs that are encased in layers of memory foam, pocket sprung pillows provide the ultimate level of comfort and support. They actively supports your head in the optimum position to help keep your spine straighter during sleep, regardless of how much you move in the night.

Unlike conventional pillows that need to be fluffed up to regain their original feeling of comfort, the pocket spring construction allows pillows to instantly spring back into shape. Air can also flow through the pillow to help you sleep at a more comfortable temperature.

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Hypnos Pocket Sprung Pillow

Hypnos Pocket Sprung Pillow5

The luxurious Hypnos Pocket Sprung Pillow provides deep, firm support, keeping your spine straight while you sleep...

 £49.49RRP £78.00Free delivery over £30
Dormeo Octaspring True Evolution Pillow

Dormeo Octaspring True Evolution Pillow5

The superior Dormeo Octaspring Pillow has been created with support and comfort in mind - ensuring a peaceful sleep. ...

 £49.99RRP £88.88Free delivery over £30
Dormeo Octaspring True Evolution Compact Pillow Low Profile

Dormeo Octaspring True Evolution Compact Pillow Low Profile5

The luxurious Dormeo Octaspring Compact Low Pillow is the perfect way to ensure the perfect nights sleep...

 £49.99RRP £88.88Free delivery over 30