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Mediflow Waterbase Support Pillow

Mediflow Waterbase Support Pillow

Mediflow Waterbase Support Pillow UK FR Compliant
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Mediflow Waterbase Support Pillow UK Fire Regulations Compliant

A unique design, personalise the firmness of your pillow by simply adding water. Clinically shown to improve sleep & reduce neck pain.

The Mediflow pillow is designed to fit you perfectly. With its patented water base, simply fill with water, adjusting the amount of water to the degree of support you prefer.  This flexibility allows you to choose from soft, medium or firm support.

This pillow will offer the correct firmness and cervical spine and head support while responding to changing sleep positions.  It is clinically shown to reduce morning neck pain intensity, increase pain relief and improve quality of sleep.

Exclusive, patented Waterbase design!

An easy-to-fill water base provides gentle, responsive support all night long. A thermal insulator surrounds the water layer and a deep cushion of hypoallergenic polyester fibre rests over the water layer for luxurious comfort.

Our Mediflow Waterbase Pillow fully complies to UK Fire Regulations needed for pillows.

Size - 51cm x 71cm (20" x 28")

Fits a standard pillowcase

Complete with funnel, filling and care instructions inside.

5 Average Rating 5/5 (16 reviews)
4 stars Effective & very comfortable. Written by

It does(at least in my case) relieve the symptoms of a stiff, sore & painful neck but it definitely did not 'cure' my neck issues. I have tried a few orthopedic type pillows this one is the best. You'll just have to try it and see. It works great in use and even if you do not have a dodgy neck it does give a surprisingly and remarkably comfortable nights sleep. No issues at all with SlumberSlumber service, value or delivery etc.

5 stars Going with the flow of the mediflow Written by

I've had mine a week now and found that I needed to go down to soft as medium was too hard. It certainly is different but on a double bed or larger you do need 2 pillows, I keep rolling on to my old ones during the night, I took the advice of my physio when I bought this and now she is looking at it too.

2 stars Not as good as I thought Written by

I am used to a firm pillow and as usual my memory foam pillow is getting on. So decided if I could control the height of my pillow with water all would be well. The problem with this pillow is when filled as described with 5 litres of water, when you place your head on it the water moves to each end of the pillow allowing your head to lower too low and hence does not support as it should. If the pillow had more departments and more filling holes you could then adjust each to maybe overcome the problem of the water shifting so much! I suppose I could add more water but the water compartment may burst, and having 5 litres of water in it already, it is heavy enough. Maybe someone could make a compartmental one that could be filled with air instead? On the whole the pillow is well made and the filling is soft and warm and the cold water beneath the filling does not cool your head in any way as the filling makes for good insulation against this happening. The product is value for money but not supportive enough for me being that I sleep on my side most of the time.

5 stars Love my new pillow Written by

This pillow arrived promptly, well packaged and with good instructions for filling up. I am so happy with it, sleeping better it is really comfortable and significantly less discomfort and stiffness in my neck which has been giving me problems for a couple of years made worse by a fall from a horse. I can't guarantee it would work for all but well worth a try if you need to replace your pillow, even if you don't have a stiff neck!!

5 stars MR Written by

Water pillow .I have only had the use of it for 3 nights . Have felt the benefit already, very comfortable and supportive, also very well made.

5 stars Comfy water pillows Written by

We have had these pillows before. After months of uncomfortable nights without them, we decided to buy them again and now wish we hadn't waited. They give the perfect support and we have unbroken sleep now unless the kids wake us up! Would recommend to anyone. We have them on the firm side.

5 stars Excellent product Written by

The mediflow waterbase pillow gives me a very comfortable night's sleep and is worth every penny.

5 stars Mediflow pillow Written by

Very good customer service and fast delivery. I have had the pillow before so know what the pillow was like.

5 stars Superb Nights sleep Written by

I have spent so much money on pillows to alleviate waking up with neck pain. This pillow has worked wonders - I not only am pain free but I appear to be having a really good nights sleep as well. I bought one at first and because it was brilliant I purchased a second one. The service was spot on with speedy delivery.

5 stars Excellent Pillow Written by
I have struggled to find a pillow that doesn't go soft, with this pillow you can put the right amount of water in to suit the firmness you require. The funnel makes it easy to fill the pillow.
5 stars Helps us immeasurably! Written by

Having already owned a Mediflow Waterbase Pillow for four years following a car crash which caused considerable pain in my neck & left me unable to sleep, I purchased another recently for my husband who suffers from spondolosis & was in constant pain. These pillows have helped us both immeasurably & allows us to get some sleep.

5 stars Mediflow water pillow Written by

First purchased one 6 years ago. Would not be without this brilliant pillow. Could not go back to a conventional pillow now as the Mediflow pillow gives you best sleep ever. I have suffered with next problems for years since suffering whiplash but the Mediflow pillow takes away any discomfort that might occur whilst sleeping and so aiding a restfull sleep. Recommended this to my Pilates teacher who also invested in one.

5 stars Brilliant Written by
The Mediflow Waterbase pillow is brilliant, this is my second purchase of this product. It has helped with my bad neck ensuring I get a painless night’s sleep. Even recommended it to my Pilates teacher and she purchased one. Would not go back to a conventional pillow now.
5 stars At last, A Pillow That Works! Written by
I've tried lots of pillows to help reduce the neck pain I get most mornings, memory foam, feather etc. Finally Mediflow has done the trick, filled it with water the first night and went for medium firmness, had a little pain in the morning so tried adding more water which totally eliminated the neck pain. A week later and I'm still pain free, it's like a breath of fresh air. Great service from Slumber Slumber as well, received parcel in two days. A+
4 stars Great Pillow Written by
Fantastic pillow. I can finally wake up in the morning without an excrutiating neck ache. Make sure to get the water level just right for you though - if you feel uncomfortable with this pillow you're probably going to need to adjust the water level.
4 stars Woke up without neck ache!! Written by

Pillow purchased online arrived within 48 hours.  Apart from getting all the air out, after filling with water, I am very pleased with the mediflow pillow.  It is very comfortable and for the first time in ages I woke up without neck ache!!  It feels like a normal pillow but keeps its shape and supports the neck.

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Is this pillow washable and suitable for a dryer?

The Mediflow Waterbase Support Pillow is machine washable but not recommended for the dryer.

Does the mediflow waterbase pillow help with shoulder pain? I.E. not putting pressure on the shoulder when sleep on the side.


Mediflow recommend this pillow for Neck Pain. They state it has been clinically tested and it was proven to be the best neck support pillow to reduce neck pain.  There is no information on this product regarding shoulder pain, but this pillow will offer the correct cervical spine and neck support.

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