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Hypnos High Profile Latex Pillow

Hypnos High Profile Latex Pillow

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Hypnos High Profile Latex Pillow

The superior Hypnos High Profile Latex Pillow shows off irresistibly soft pure latex. The high profile pillow has been created with a high standard to provide the greatest comfort aimed at side and back sleepers, the High Profile has a higher density providing superior support and pressure relief.

Latex is breathable, keeping you cool and dry, providing a soothing and relaxing sleep surface. A plush velour removable cover graces the surface of the pillow, leaving the latex room to breathe with its small air pockets.

The Hypnos high profile pillow is made from pure latex, this is breathable which helps maintain a cool and comfortable sleeping surface.

This Hypnos Latex Pillow is undoubtedly one of the best pillows for side sleepers, find out what our customers think in their Hypnos High Profile Latex Pillow reviews.


  • 100% Pure Latex
  • Washable, Plush Velour Cover
  • Breathable
  • Non Allergenic
  • Medium support
  • Dust mite , Mildew and Mould Resistant
  • Approximately 15cm in depth (approx 6")
  • 75cm x 50cm
  • Cover is machine washable at 30°C

Packaging may vary

5 Average Rating 5/5 (70 reviews)
5 stars Pillow Written by

Bought the Hypnos high profile pillow for bad neck and back, bought lots of different ones, but this pillow is brilliant thought it would be a bit low but it was not, going to buy more, the price was good to, thank you

5 stars Hypnos pillow Written by

Took one night to get used to and never looked back, worth every penny.

5 stars Best pillow ever Written by

This really is the best pillow ever, I’ve spent years and a lot of money trying to get the perfect pillow, I suffer with my neck & insomnia so finding the perfect pillow has been a nightmare, I had the Hypnos pillow a few years ago and eventually had to give in and throw it out, I’m so glad they still do Hypnos as it’s the best!!

5 stars wow finally a decent nights sleep Written by

I was sceptical that this would be as comfortable as I was hoping it would be to replace my old Dunlopillo and this has actually far exceeded my expectations and can honestly say this is the most comfortable pillow my head has slept on. No more aching neck or back and I feel completely refreshed each morning because I am not constantly waking up. I am really really impressed with how soft but supportive this pillow is and cannot recommend it highly enough. Great price and delivery time from Slumberslumber.

5 stars Pillows Written by

If you want a good nights sleep these are the ones

5 stars Good Substitute Written by

Bought this pillow to replace a Dunlopillow, which apparently is no longer available. This one is as good, if not better.

5 stars Very comfortable Written by

I find this pillow very comfortable and well made. It is supportive and soft , it does not feel like my head is on a brick and it does not go flat like a pancake. Also just the right height, glad I bought this one and not the low profile. Best pillow I have bought and probably the dearest.

5 stars Fabulous pillow Written by

Used to wake every morning with a very sore neck. Have used this pillow for the last 10 days and have not woken once with a sore neck. Know this pillow is expensive, but for the great benefit of no more sore necks is fantastic. So very happy I purchased this. If you can treat yourself, buy one as sure you won’t be disappointed.

5 stars Very pleased Written by

I thought this pillow would be too soft when it arrived but it’s not- it feels super comfy, supportive and luxurious. I’ve been enjoying deep sleep since I started using it.

5 stars Very very happy Written by

I looked in several websites to get Hypnos High Profile Latex pillows for my mother but each time after purchasing the I received email which was either low stocks or don’t sale it any more , so at the end I got it from Slumber Slumber. My mum is in her 70s with neck problems so she is very very happy with the pillows and having very comfort night sense . Great products good value for money and very efficient with the delivery . I will going to order few more pillows for myself. We are very happy with our perches please don’t miss out.

5 stars Wonderful pillow Written by

I havent used a foam pillow for many years, but decided to treat myself. The difference in the support and comfort of this pillow is well worth the extra money. Does not flatten after a few nights and I have slept all night since using this pillow, no more repositioning a plumbing up needed. They last for years so would highly recommend this purchase.

5 stars The night sleep I always dreamt of. Written by

A fantastic pillow quickly delivered. Before my first Hypnos pillow I’d tried many different pillows to comfortably sleep on my side. This Hypnos is so good that my wife pinched mine. I had no hesitation in going back to for another.

5 stars A supportive pillow Written by

Nice supportive pillow. Quite firm so no good if you prefer a softer pillow. Good height, inbetween one and two pillows.

5 stars Best pillow Written by

As a self proclaimed 'pillow geek' I think I've finally found the best pillow ever! I've always enjoyed latex pillows to sleep on, and have been sleeping on the 'low profile' for quite a while. I found that it was just a little to low for my liking so decided to try the high profile. It's a couple of centimetres higher, and it's perfect to sleep on. Really good service from this company too.

5 stars Awesome Written by

Best pillow ever,sleeping has never felt so good no more neck pain.

5 stars Best pillow ever Written by

I've gone through so many pillows of different types & different price ranges. Always woke with aches & pains somewhere or other, then ordered this and it's amazing, from the first night sleep my aches had gone, so nice to wake up with no back or neck pain, hopefully ive finally found the perfect pillow

5 stars Backache has gone! Written by

I didn’t realise how important a pillow was until I tried this. Had niggling lower back/hip ache for 18 months and it’s virtually gone. It’s even stopped me snoring! Soft, yet supportive, spot on. I’m recommending to all my friends. Not cheap but so worth it. Never slept so well.

5 stars Comfoetable pillow Written by

Good service from the company and very pleased with the pillow, nice and cosy

5 stars Wow just wow!! Neck pain? What neck pain 😊 Written by

Absolutely fabulous. I wish I discovered this earlier. Having a Hypnos mattress I just wondered if they did a pillow and this one came up with Slumber Slumber. Best money I’ve spent. Great service too. Will buy more for my family soon.

5 stars Best Price on the net Written by

I tried this pillow while shopping in Furniture Village. I liked it so much I was keen to get one but they were charging £90 and had reduced them to £74 in their sale. A quick Internet search while still in FV and I discovered Slumber .com. Great price and the pillow arrived very quickly. I used to have just feather pillows but now that I'm 50 + I've found that I prefer a man made pillow. I think this pillow is worth the punt

5 stars Love it Written by

I do not normally write reviews but I am making an exception for this excellent pillow. It is incredibly comfortable and since receiving it I have slept soundly every night. I love it and I have no hesitation recommending it to any one. Its not too hard (some of them are like rock) and it is just perfect for sleeping on my side. It's just high enough to stop my neck twisting at that awkward angle you get with a thin, super soft pillow. It is supporting, it bounces back and it helps me sleep - that is all I could ask for from a pillow. I'm very impressed. The price was super cheap too. Lovely.

5 stars Love it! Written by
Spent lots of money on pillows over the years and bought one of these locally. We have a firm mattress so I needed a supportive soft pillow but not one that flattens in the middle giving you the 'ear muff' effect. I no longer wake up to bash my pillow into shape so getting more sleep. I was so pleased I wanted to buy another as a spare just in case and saved over £10 buying it from Slumber Slumber.
5 stars Comfortable sleep Written by
It's early days but so far love these pillows. Seem to be sleeping much better and certainly the most comfortable pillows we have ever had. I was worried that would make my head too warm but they are fine. My husband normally has trouble sleeping but he is very impressed with them.
5 stars Hypnos high profile pillow Written by

I wished I’d brought this pillow years ago. After months of restless nights and poor sleep I have found the answer. Love this pillow I’m sleeping 💤

5 stars Perfect Written by

Sleeping is no longer intermittent, no longer waking after twenty minutes or a few times in the night; I sleep well all night with this high profile Hypnos pillow. I wasn’t sure if would be too hard or too soft but trusted the advice from slumberslumber that it would be just right for a back and side sleeper. They told me it would be soft but supportive. It is very supportive and yet somehow still feels soft, my head feels cradled and my long, fine boned neck supported, the best pillow i’ve ever had.

5 stars Great Pillow Written by

I cant recommend this product highly enough. My headaches and neck aches have disappeared. Great comfort and retains shape. I will definitely buy another one. I have tried alternative latex foam pillows but they were uncomfortable and hard. Slumber Slumber has my vote

5 stars Brill pillow Written by

Brilliant pillow, very comfortable. I’ve been used to using two feather/down pillows . Using this on its own so far , only a few weeks, so will see how it goes , but so far very pleased .

5 stars Best pillow ever! Written by

I have been using this pillow for a few months now, and I just love it. I have a neck problem and it has been helping with this. So I decided to purchase another one as a spare for the future, as such a good price. The service is good from and arrives in a short space of time. Would recommend this pillow to anyone who sleeps on their back or side.

5 stars Brilliantly comfortable Written by

I kept suffering from a stiff neck in the morning after sleeping on the traditional feather pillows. After researching the benefits of the latex pillow I decided to give it a try. I now have 2 of them & I find I get the most comfortable nights sleep - just like sleeping on a cloud.

5 stars Great pillow Written by

I only ever buy latex pillows now. They are much more comfortable than memory foam but just as supportive. Great if you suffer from neck pain. I had my first one over 10 years ago and thought it was very expensive at £71, however, it hasn't lost it's shape and is still as comfortable as when I bought it. Delivery and price were great from this company.

5 stars 5 years and going strong Written by

I'm looking at buying another one to even out the bed. I've had mine for 5 years and it's still going strong. It's been washed, it's been taken to numerous countries, its been squashed in the boot of the car and it still hasn't lost its shape or height. A highly recommend pillow! Very good for my neck and shoulder problem.

5 stars Highly recommended Written by

I have spent a fortune on different sorts of pillows but still woke up regularly with a painful neck and headache. This one is by far the best, supportive but not hard, and keeps its shape overnight. I have even taken it with me on holiday, highly recommended,

5 stars Hypnos high profile pillow Written by

I now have two of these pillows, one for me, one for wife, all neck aches gone, very comfy, no sweating in summer

5 stars A superior alternative to memory foam Written by

Main advantage in my opinion is that it sleeps cooler than equivalent memory foam while still keeping its shape and resilience. It works for both front and side sleeping as advertised and does not bottom out as down/feather pillows often do or need plumping.

5 stars Brilliant Written by

Love these pillows. Did a lot of research as I have wasted a lot of money on pillows. These came out on top and this website was the most reasonable..I can’t believe what a difference these pillows have made to my sleep pattern and how relaxed I feel when I wake up. I would thoroughly recommend them.

5 stars Hypnos latex pillow Written by

Wow, what a fabulous pillow. Maybe a bit expensive but you get a great nights sleep with no sore neck in the morning. Amazing, you should try one !

5 stars Superb Comfort Written by

This is the most comfortable pillow I have had. I have been looking for this all my life!

4 stars Better nights sleep Written by

Quite pricey but a good quality pillow. I sleep on my side so opted for the high profile as advised. I now fall asleep more quickly. I’m very pleased with it.

5 stars The most fabulous pillow ever!!! Written by

Once you have slept on one of these, you will never want another pillow..... Ever!!!!!

5 stars They are great! Written by

The quest for a decent pillow is finally over!

5 stars Hypnos latex pillow Written by

Very quick delivery and it a very good pillow I used to have to have 2 pillows but. Only need this one very comfortable

5 stars slept well Written by

The Hypnos pillows I purchased are far superior to the goose and duck feather pillows I was using, it keeps its shape throughout the night and holds my neck in a comfortable position. very happy with this product and sleeping a lot better.

5 stars Absolutely THE best pillow Written by

I have both the high and low profile pillows and they are brilliant. I suffer with a bad neck and have spent hundreds of pounds on various pillows but cannot sleep on anything else. Have one at home and one in our caravan. Perfect pillow

5 stars Hypnos high profile pillow Written by

This pillow is amaizing i loved

5 stars Fantastic pillows! Written by

Ordered two of these pillows, they are the best! So comfortable. Had problems with my neck which seems to have all but disappeared! Delivery was quick and the bonus was the price - cheapest I’ve seen anywhere!

5 stars Hypnos pillow Written by

Great comfy pillow. Very good delivery.

5 stars Hypnos pillow Written by

Great comfy pillow. Very good delivery.

5 stars Hypnos pillow Written by

No more hot head at night - super. Tried one, now all the family have one. Only pillow I’ve tried manages to do this. 10/10.

5 stars Very comfortable Written by

After trying numerous pillows this one is a keeper.

5 stars Hypnos high profile latex pillow Written by

Very comfortable for the neck and spine

5 stars Great comfy pillow. Written by

Bought this to replace my existing pillow and was not disappointed. The pillow mounds to your contour and is extremely comfortable, giving you a great nights sleep

5 stars Hypnos high profile latex pillow Written by

Amazing ! Change my Life And my sleep

5 stars At Last Written by

At last a pillow that gives your head support and comfort all through the night. Tried loads before but can honestly say this is the best for me.

5 stars Great purchase/service Written by

My mum and sister have raved how good these pillows are and I have tried them out before purchasing and agreed. I would recommend them to my friends and colleagues. I was also impressed with the service and delivery times etc.

5 stars Very comfortable Written by

I am pleased with these pillows. They are better than other latex ones I have bought. Good quality.

5 stars Excellent Pillows Written by

Excellent pillows that provide good support and remain cool and comfortable throughout the night. Very pleased with them.

5 stars Great pillows Written by

Made a huge improvement o our sleep quality - supportive and comfortable.

5 stars Hypnos high profile pillow Written by

Decided to buy this product after buying a Hypnos bed,it's amazing best nights sleep ever

5 stars Hypnos High Profile Latex Pillow Written by

A great pillow which I would recommend to anyone. The service from the supplier was also top class

5 stars Great pillow Written by

The larger hypnos latex pillow for a side sleeper is the best pillow I’ve ever bought,no more sweating at night and it supports my head perfectly thoroughly recommend it.

5 stars Latex high profile pillow - great buy Written by

This is probably the best pillow I have bought - and I have bought many in my quest for the perfect pillow! There’s no doubt it’s very expensive, but then I’m not going to be throwing it away in 3 weeks. The pillow feels quite heavy, but it is very flexible and springy, whilst giving excellent support. I have used it both on its own and with another fairly flat pillow underneath just to give a bit more height. Can definitely recommend.

4 stars We'll pleased with my high profile pillow Written by

I'm enjoying my new high profile pillow and getting better sleep as it is just the right depth and really comfortable. Also I have found that it holds its shape all night. One pillow is plenty now.

5 stars Hypnos high profile latex pillow Written by

At last a pillow that does the job. Very competitive price from slumberslumber. com rather than a well known high street retailer selling it at £70! Comfortable and supportive . Only need one pillow now instead of the two tradition filled pillows.

5 stars Hypnos pillow Written by

Just bought a hypnos mattress and decided to treat myself to a pillow as well. The pillow is great ...soft but firm at same time ...very comfortable...most money I've spent on one pillow but hopefully I've chosen right and it should last for years!

5 stars Hypnos pillow Written by

Just bought a hypnos mattress and decided to treat myself to a pillow as well. The pillow is great ...soft but firm at same time ...very comfortable...most money I've spent on one pillow but hopefully I've chosen right and it should last for years!

5 stars Latex high profile pillow best ever buy Written by

Sick of buying verious different pillows, tried these in a shop checked the reviews & made the purchase.The Best Buy ever. Great support & comfort amazing. Wake up feeling a new person.

5 stars Pillow heaven Written by

After purchasing an amazing Somnus mattress we had to finish the job off properly with a good quality pillow. The Hypnos latex pillow really hits the spot. I would very much recommend.

5 stars Well worth the money Written by

A lovely comfortable pillow. ..its such a delight to sleep on...the height is just right more neck ache!....definately worth the extra money that it's like sleeping on a marshmallow!......

5 stars Fab service Written by

Thank you for your prompt and efficient service on the purchase of my new pillow

5 stars Great nights sleep Written by

Bought this pillow for my husband as I have one and he kept stealing it. It promotes great sleep as its very comfortable and supportive Best pillow ever

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Hi can you tell me if there a guarantee with this item

It has one year guarantee

Is this pillow certified by OEKO-TEX®

The pillow is produced by vulcanisation of a mixture of synthetic and natural latex in the standard Dunlop process. The pillow conforms to the strictest norm of Oekotex and has a certificate to show this.

hi. what is considered the firmness of this pillow ?

It would be considered between medium and firm. The latex means it is more bouncy than hard.

The depth of the pillow makes it ideal for side sleepers.

Please don't take offence but are these pillows 100% perfect or slight seconds. I only ask because you state the packaging may be different and don't quite understand why this should be?

Packaging may vary as the manufacturer has changed it recently. We only sell new unused genuine goods.

What is the difference between Hypnos high profile talalay latex pillow and Healthbeds high profile talalay latex pillow, as their discriptions appear to be identical? Are they the same manufacturer?

Thank you for your message.

Both pillows are similar due to their use of Talalay latex, which is the process of manufacturing latex foam. The high profile pillows are suitable for back or side sleepers. There is a small difference in the depth of these pillows, with the Hypnos being approximately 15cm and the Healthbeds approximately 18cm.

They are different manufacturers, Hypnos is based in Buckinghamshire, while Healthbeds is part of the Smeaton Brothers company based in Rotherham.

What is the height difference between the low profile and the high. My pillow at the moment is about 14cm.

The high profile is approx. 15cm in depth, whereas the low profile is approx. 10-11cm in depth.

What are the dimensions of this pillow ? I have seen a few sites that state different sizes. I have 2 of these that are 74x48 and wanted to know if these are the same, thanks.

Thank you for your question.

The High Profile Latex Pillow size is 48 x 74cm.

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