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Healthbeds Latex Pillow High Profile with Cooltex

Healthbeds Latex Pillow High Profile with Cooltex

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Healthbeds Latex Pillow High Profile with Cooltex

This high profile luxury latex pillow is ideal for side sleepers and back sleepers.

These new Cooltex Pillows from Healthbeds are made from outrageously soft Talalay Latex. This provides natural breathability and helps to maintain a consistent body temperature throughout the night.

The good news is that it requires no plumping and has excellent durability. The hypo-allergenic qualities also make it resistant to antimicrobials and dust mites.


  • Plush Soft Velour, Washable Cooltex® Cover
  • Filling: 100% Talalay Latex
  • Durable - always keeps its shape
  • High Profile ideal for side and back sleepers
  • Dimensions: 70 x 40 x 18 cm
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Soft - Medium Firmness

Also available in low profile for front and back sleepers.

5 Average Rating 5/5 (15 reviews)
5 stars Best nights sleep ever Written by

What a treat to get a good night sleep and that is what has been had since this purchase, waking up refreshed with no aches and pains which was every morning with the old pillows that were used. Highly recommend this product so much so that another one is to be purchased for my son. Well work the money.

5 stars Good quality pillow Written by

My husband bought one of these pillows a few years ago and it actually cured his shoulder injury, which phisiotherapy couldn't. I bought one a few weeks ago as my neck and shoulders were aching and I am definitely sleeping better.

5 stars High profile pillow Written by

I wanted 2 pillows but not knowing what the quality would be, I only ordered 1. When it came it was top quality so I ordered another. Best pillows my wife and I have had. Would highly recommend.

5 stars Just right Written by

Great pillow. Spent hundreds of pounds trying to get the right pillow. Decided to buy this pillow because of its high profile for side sleepers and it is great. Perfect height. No more shoulder or neck pain. Taken a couple of days to get used to it and now after a week of sleeping with this I feel great in the mornings.

5 stars Sleeping on my old pillow was a nightmare......... Written by

Now I have the most luxurious comfortable cool pillow and my only problem is that I don't want to get up in the mornings.

5 stars Excellent Written by

Bought two of these for my parents high profile for my mum and low profile for Dad as he prefers a softer pillow. Both loved them and said they now have the best nights sleep with no neck pain. Kept my mum really cool as she suffers from night sweats. I liked the feel of them so much that I will be purchasing for my husband and I too.

5 stars Fantastic Written by

I've always used Dunlopillo, two off them, one on top of the other. Once you use this brand it's hard to consider another! I was looking for some more to use at my partners when i came across some great reviews on other sites for this pillow. I decided to try it, loved it and a year later i have now purchased my second one to replace my pillows at home. It's worth every penny and i haven't suffered from neck ache once.

5 stars Great pillow Written by

I have spent so much money on pillows trying to get one that really suits my husband and myself. ‘‘Tis pillow is the one I have been searching for it is really comfortable and stays in shape. It may be expensive but over the years I have wasted more money trying to find one like this I would spend the same again to get this comfort

3 stars Little disappointing Written by

For the 1st few nights I found the pillow uncomfortable when sleeping on my side. This passed and I've now settled with the pillow, however I cannot feel any benefit from the cooltex, so disappounted. Feel it is a bit expensive for what it delivers.

5 stars Latex Pillow High Profile with Cooltex Written by

Great service and product

5 stars health beds pillows Written by

I can highly recommend this product I was wakening every morning with a sore neck and shoulders. Then a friend recommended this pillow since I have started using the high profile pillow my sleeping problem is gone. Brilliant.

5 stars At last Written by

Certainly the best pillow I have ever had, certainly does what it says 'on the tin'! Have only used this for 2 weeks so far and am very impressed and is certainly well worth the extra cost. Hopefully, I will continue to have the same views in a couple of years as that is when other pillows start to fail and become lumpy and out of shape!

3 stars Not that cool Written by
I bought this for it's cooling feature. Personally, I don't think it that much cooler BUT it is such a comfortable pillow. It is very heavy and upon opening I thought I had made a mistake. Not so. The pillow is very supportive and has quelled my restlessness.
5 stars Money well spent!!! Written by

My husband & myself were mattress shopping when we came across these pillows. As we were able to try them out we knew how great they were, the only thing was the price tag £79!!!! I came home & Googled them & found them on 'slumber slumber' for a lot less. I have arthritis in my neck & can find sleeping a problem but I can honestly say I have never woken up with pain in my neck....I have had my pillow 2 weeks now. Best money I have ever spent!!!

5 stars Health beds Latex Pillow Review Quite Positive Written by

Purchased this after my son who now lives away from home suggested I might like the pillow so purchased one and am very happy with it, quite expensive but so far Im happy with my purchase

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What is your policy on returns

We can accept the return as long as the pillows are unused, in a re-sellable condition with packaging intact. They will be inspected by our returns department due to our strict health and hygiene policy. 

What firmness is this pillow .

It is considered soft - medium firmness.

I have used a Dunlopill for years now and it has been very comfortable. However I now often am wakened by pain in the shoulder I've been lying on. I think this would indicate I need a deeper pillow and wondered if you could suggest the most suitable in the Dunlopill latex range. Many thanks

The choice of pillow depends on whether you are a side sleeper or back sleeper however for those looking for a deep pillow we would suggest the Dunlpillo Serenity Deluxe.

Hi. Firstly, I sleep on my side. The 'Healthbeds Latex Pillow High Profile' states that it is 18cms in height/depth - but how much does it sink down when you've got the weight of your head on it - what would the depth be then please?? I'm not sure if THIS pillow or the 'Dunlopillow Super Comfort' would be the right pillow for me. . . . . . . Quite often I wake with (a crick) my neck really hurting & lasting a day or two, but can on occasion last about a week before it settles down and stops hurting! My Son has an Original Dunlopillow that I bought from a Catalogue book, which must be over 12 years old - and he says he would NOT have any other pillow !! Many thanks. x

The depth/height of the pillow once your head is on it would depend on how heavy your head is.

The key to buying a new pillow is knowing what pillow firmness is going to allow your neck and spine to be aligned properly so there is no gap between your neck and your mattress. It’s recommended that you find a position that enables you to maintain a midline position. - See more at:

Please see our pillow buying guide:

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