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Glaciertex Double Ice Cooling Pillow Protector

Glaciertex Double Ice Cooling Pillow Protector

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Glaciertex Double Ice Cooling Pillow Protector

This ice cooling Pillow Protector from SlumberSlumber has been designed with intuitive, dynamic response to environmental changes throughout the night, creating a cool and dry climate while you sleep peacefully. Thanks to its cutting edge thermoregulation technology, the Pillow Protector repels moisture and heat away from your body, reducing sweat during your sleep.

Its Double Ice Technology fabric design features cooling fibers woven right into the fabric for a cool to the touch feeling, creating a breathable material which enhances airflow, ensuring comfort while you sleep.

This ice cooling Pillow Protector is also hypoallergenic and antimicrobial, protecting you from irritants, dust mites, mould and bacteria. With congestion and sneezing during the night reduced, you’ll wake up feeling and looking refreshed and ready for the day ahead.

Never run out of a cold spot again!


Glaciertex feature - dynamic cooling & thermoregulation Glaciertex feature - antimicrobial & hypoallergenic Glaciertex feature - Cool to the touch smooth ice fabric Glaciertex feature - Breathe-a-barrier fluid-proof technology

Dynamic cooling & thermoregulation

Antimicrobial & hypoallergenic

Cool to the touch smooth double ICE fabric

Breathe-a-barrier® fluid-proof technology

  • Featuring double ice technology for a cooler fresher night's sleep - it really is cool to the touch!
  • Dynamic cooling and thermoregulation for a more consistent sleeping temperature
  • Moisture wicking - transports sweat, moisture away from your body
  • Antimicrobial - keeping dust mites, bacteria, mould and other allergens at bay
  • Never run out of a cold spot during the night again!
  • Breathable ice fabric enhances airflow
  • Breathe-a-Barrier technology ensures stain and liquid protection
  • Certified and Laboratory Tested
  • Machine Washable

Glaciertex double ice + cooling features

5 Average Rating 5/5 (4 reviews)
5 stars Lovely & Cooling Written by

This really feels cool to touch and its great to be able to move to a cool spot in the night when I'm feeling too warm. I used mine without a pillow case which is more cooling and is still very comfortable to sleep on. Would definitely recommend if you are a hot sleeper!

5 stars Excellent Written by
Excellent product that did what it promised. Felt cool even after I had slept on it.
5 stars it works! Written by
I was surprised from I first touched the material how cool it really feels and even after lying on it for a while it still remains quite cool! Very generous size, so it fitted my huge Dormeo pillow without issue. I definitely slept better and felt so much more comfortable!!
5 stars Cooling pillow protector that works! Written by

Glad I bought this - it's improved my sleep as the weather gets warmer. Almost cold to the touch, under a pillowslip the protector is cool and seems to take a while to warm up, so I'm usually asleep by then! It disperses heat well, so even if I wake during the night, there is still a cool patch to sleep on. Definitely worth a try if you overheat at night.

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