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Dimplex DXDH10N Forte Dehumidifier 10L

Dimplex DXDH10N Forte Dehumidifier 10L

Dimplex DXDH10N Forte Dehumidifier 10L
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Dimplex DXDH10N Forte Dehumidifier 10L

Simply reduce the levels of humidity in rooms up to 18m sq. with the Dimplex Forte Dehumidifier.

The DXDH10N works by drawing moist air in through the back of the unit and passing it over a refrigerated coil which condenses the moisture in the air turning it into water which is collected in a removable tank. Once the moisture has been separated, the air passes over another coil where it is warmed back up to an ambient room temperature, before being circulated back into the room.

An ideal solution in rooms where damp is a problem, or in the winter months when condensation can build up on windows. It is also an excellent aid for drying out walls when decorating, plus helping to dry clothes indoors as an alternative to tumble drying, which can be expensive.

It has a removable water 2.3 litre capacity water tank and auto shut off with indicator light to tell you when the tank is full. However, should continually emptying the tank become inconvenient, the product has a continuous drain function (14mm PVC drainage hcse is required).


  • 10 litres per day extraction rate
  • 250W
  • Mechanical humidistat
  • 2.3 litre tank capacity
  • Suitable for room sizes up to 18m sq.
  • Continuous drain option (14mm PVC hose required)
  • 1 year warranty
  • Auto defrost and shut off
  • Integrated carry handles
  • Easy glide castors
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