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Comfort Ice Cooling Memory Foam Pillow
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Comfort Ice Cooling Memory Foam Pillow

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Comfort Ice Cooling Memory Foam Pillow

According to sleep experts at American Academy of Sleep Medicine, millions of people suffer sleepless nights. Many people find it difficult to initially fall asleep, and also to stay asleep the whole night too. They also pointed out that when we invest in fluffy blankets and warm socks, we are actually doing the opposite of what will improve our sleep.

Experts claim that you'll sleep better—and wake up throughout the night less often—when your body is cool (anywhere from about 65 and 72 degrees).

So, by sleeping on this fast-reacting ice memory pillow, you can improve the quality of your sleep - thanks to its unique cooling system. The cooling fibres of the ICE fabric draw heat away from the body, keeping you cool and at the ideal sleep temperature all night. Gel capsules added to the memory foam also contribute to the cooling effect.

This cooling effect remains after continual washing and is achieved without any chemical treatment - as it is a natural property of the fabric. Aside from regulating your temperature so you can enjoy a blissful night’s sleep, the memory foam means this pillow is also highly supportive as it relieves pressure of the head and neck.


  • Air Foam

  • Gel foam: cooling gel in foam

  • Cuddle pillow

  • ICE fabric

  • CertiPur-US and Oeko Tex certified

  • Adjustable removable filling

  • Cover washable at 40c

  • Size: 58 x 48 x 15 cm

  • Cover: 67% polyester 33% ethylene

  • Suitable for front sleepers

5 Average Rating 5/5 (4 reviews)
5 stars Best pillow I have ever had Written by

Without doubt this is the best pillow I have ever bought. Pleasantly cool when you place your head on the pillow, it has the perfect support whether you are on your side or on your back. I will be buying more.

5 stars Great pillow Written by

My husband needed a new pillow and his head always gets very hot at night so we thought we would try the ice pillow. The first night he woke up with a headache but ever since then has slept really well and no more headaches.

5 stars Comfort ICE Cooling Memory Foam Pillow Written by

I was very impressed with my pillow, nice cooling effect. Very quick service and I was very impressed.

5 stars Great nights sleep Written by

This pillow really does keep my head comfortably cool, no more waking up to turn the pillow over. I did wake up with a headache for the first few nights, which I put down to my body readjusting to the support provided by this pillow but it was well worth the inconvenience as I get uninterrupted sleep every night now which was previously unattainable. It's brilliant & well worth the money.

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