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Airfree P80 Air Purifier and Steriliser
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Airfree P80 Air Purifier and Steriliser

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Airfree P80 Air Purifier and Steriliser

The Air free P80 air purifier blitzs bacteria, mould and allergens so they are completely destroyed rather than just filtering them. The AirFree air cleaner is powerful, yet silent and super-efficient allowing you to enjoy a restful night’s sleep without any disturbance.

Convection is used to draw in dust particles and bacteria to the ceramic core, where they are incinerated. The clean and pure air is then cooled back to room temperature, before it circulated back into the bedroom.

This purifier is the perfect solution for those whose sleep is disturbed by dust mites, pollen or pet allergies, and also for eliminating mould, fungi, bacteria, viruses and odours.

The AirFree P80 is suitable for rooms with up to 32m² capacity and complete with TSS technology meaning it runs completely silent. Without noisy fans or turbines, you are guaranteed a peaceful night’s sleep.

The P80 is also extremely economical, using less energy than a 50 w light bulb and with no need of replacement filters and no waste generated.

The unit also has an ambient light with dimmer switch to enhance relaxation.

Transportation of the Airfree air purifier is easy, thanks to its light 1.1 kg weight.

  • no filter required

  • complete incinceration of allergens

  • suitable for use in rooms with 32m² capacity

  • runs slilently

  • relaxing light with dimmer

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