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Airfree P60 Air Purifier and Steriliser
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Airfree P60 Air Purifier and Steriliser

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Airfree P60 Platinum Air Purifier and Steriliser

The Air free P60 air cleaner is designed to provide maximum air purification and sterilisation in your bedroom. As it runs silently, you can enjoy a restful night’s sleep, even if you are a light sleeper.

This AirFree P60 is ideal for those who experience allergic reactions to dust mite, pollen or pet dander. The purifier eliminates allergens and contaminants, and without their presence, symptoms of asthma and allergies are greatly reduced. It also helps get rid of mould, fungi, tobacco, viruses, bacteria and smells.

Without the use of chemicals or filters, it is also environmentally friendly and an economical choice.

How does it work?

Similar to the principle of boiling liquids to kill off bacteria, the Airfree destroys allergens using high temperatures, without affecting the room temperature. Air enters the purifier  without the use of a fan, meaning it can run silently - perfect for night time use. Bacteria and allergens are destroyed in the ceramic core, before the nice clean air is cooled and circulated back into your bedroom.

Model Capacity Consumption Weight Colour
P40 16m² 40 Watts 1.09KG White
P60 24m² 45 Watts 1.09KG White
P80 32m² 48 Watts 1.09KG White
P125 50m² 50 Watts 1.27KG Silver
P150 60m² 52 Watts 1.48KG Black
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