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Airfree Lotus Chromotherapy Air Steriliser, White
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Airfree Lotus Chromotherapy Air Steriliser, White

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Airfree Lotus Chromotherapy Air Steriliser, White

The Airfree Lotus combines modern design with advanced technology to eliminate dust mites, bacteria, fungi, pollen, virus and allergens of pet. This cleaner healthier sleep environment provides a natural solution to respiratory allergies, asthma and mould.

Studies of chromo therapy show that certain colours affect our moods, with each colour having its own unique effect on our subconscious. This Airfree® Lotus Air Steriliser not only purifies the air, but it also emits a rainbow of coloured lights that help us to relax and improve our general wellbeing. Simply select a colour of your choice and the ‘petals’ of the air steriliser open up, similar to a beautiful lotus flower. You can adjust the strength of the light to enjoy the soothing colours at your preferred intensity.

Most importantly, unlike other air sterilisers, the Airfree Lotus doesn't use a fan, so it is totally silent while in operation making it ideal for use at night and even suitable ideal for light sleepers.

The Airfree® Lotus air purifier is suitable for bedrooms up to 60m2 and is designed for use in one room and should not be moved around. It has been proven that in just 14 - 21 days the level of allergens in your bedroom will have decreased by 85% and this level is then maintained with regular use.

Thanks to being filter-free, the  Airfree® Lotus air purifier is more economical and practical as there is no cost or hassle of filter replacement.

How does it work?

Airfree’s advanced technology eliminates microorganisms and allergens by destroying them in a fraction of a second. The process is similar to boiling water to sterilise it - the Airfree constantly draws in air from the room, heats it to over 200 ºC and this instantly sterilises it. After, the purified air is cooled and returned to the room.


  • Highly Effective

  • Exclusive patented technology

  • No maintenance

  • Completely silent

  • Low energy consumption

  • Small and portable

  • Clean, environmentally-friendly technology

  • No ozone or ion emissions

  • Award-winning design

  • Capacity – 60 m²

  • Weight (kg) – 2.4

  • Guarantee (years) – 2

  • Energy Consumption (watts) – 52

  • Size – 19.5 cm x 19.5 cm x 33 cm

  • Voltage (volts) – 220-240

  • Thermistor safety sensors, thermal fuse, tilt sensor, varistor, current limiting fuse

  • Exclusive chromo therapy light

Watch our short video to see the full features and benefits of the Airfree Lotus Chromotherapy Air Steriliser:

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