Sleep clinic

At SlumberSlumber we’re passionate about sleep and aim to help you slip into a sound and restful slumber, so that you feel energised and refreshed each day. Visit our new Sleep Clinic for expert advice about common sleep problems such as snoring, bed bugs and allergies as well as top tips for choosing the right bedding, from pillows to guest beds.

Sharing a Bed

Is sharing a bed affecting your sleep?

It’s completely normal to share a bed, yet, it’s possible that sharing a bed can affect your sleep

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Alcohol and sleep this holiday season

When things heat up in the bedroom...

Sammy Margo warns that turning up the heat in the bedroom can be a passion killer...

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4 reasons why we love 4 seasons duvets

4 reasons why we love 4 seasons

We all know the struggle of needing new duvets when the temperature changes. Here’s 4 reasons why 4 seasons duvets are ideal...

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