Personal Cooling Guide

If you’re too hot at night or even find your room is too hot to sleep, it can mean a long, restless night of tossing and turning. We have a guide to help you keep cool in bed and sleep better.

Before going to bed make your bedroom cool and comfortable…

Your bedroom should always be the coolest room in the house. In the summer months open a window to allow a draft to flow through, dissipating the heat. If you have air conditioning it is best to put it on for half an hour before going to bed, making sure you close all windows before doing so. It is not recommended to keep it on all night as it can dry out the air resulting in a dry throat and breathing issues.

Personal bed coolers are ideal for limiting the cooling process, as they fit conveniently and quietly at the foot of your bed.

Don’t consume caffeinated drinks or alcohol before bed…

Caffeine and alcohol raise blood pressure and can make your body feel hotter. Big meals before bed should also be avoided as over-active digestion can increase your body temperature. Drink plenty of water during the evening and keep a glass of water by your bed.

While in bed wear light clothing such as silk or a light pure cotton…

For ladies an ideal item for wicking away moisture is the Goodnighties sleepwear. This revolutionary nightdress has been made with patented Ionx fabric, charged with negative ions; it helps blood flow and has excellent moisture wicking properties. Natural fibre bedlinen such as silk and bamboo naturally wick excess moisture away from the body, helping towards a more restful night’s sleep.

Make sure you have a cool pillow…

Natural filled pillows like wool are breathable and allow excess heat to dissipate. Another option is a silk pillowcase; silk facilitates the pervasion of moisture so in warm conditions silk can immediately emit the perspiration and heat from your body to keep you cool. An excellent accompaniment is the Chillow Pillow Topper; they can be put on top a pillow or between the pillowcase and the pillow. They are cooled naturally by adding tap water, leaving you feeling refreshed and cool.

Make sure you have the correct duvet…

Like pillows natural filled duvets, in particular wool filled ones are naturally breathable. They allow your body to stay at a constant comfortable temperature and are ideal for couples who sleep at different temperatures. An alternative to wool are synthetic duvets with cool fibres. The Sleep Harmony climate control duvet features Cirrus Fibres which has the remarkable ability to absorb and disperse excess humidity, balancing your sleeping environment.

Combine a heat regulating duvet with a heat regulating mattress topper…

This allows your body to be comprehensively cooled. A natural fibered topper such as wool will have the same effect as a wool duvet, naturally dissipating excess heat. An alternative for people who often find their bed to be too warm is the SlumberCool Cooling Mattress Protector. It has been specially developed to offer you cool relief in bed, the thermoregulating technology transports heat and moisture away from the body heat.

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