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Ambisleep Climate Control Mattress Topper

Ambisleep Climate Control Mattress Topper

Ambisleep Air Conditioning Mattress Topper
Ambisleep Air Conditioning Mattress Topper
Morphy Richards Ambisleep
Morphy Richards Ambisleep
Ambisleep Climate Control Mattress Topper
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A new and exciting temperature control system for your bed brought to you by the much admired 'Morphy Richards'.

This exclusive product allows you to create a sleeping environment tailored to your own personal preference.

Its inventive design supplies temperature controlled air which filters through micro concealed tubes in the mattress topper.

The Personal Zone Control means that even if you share a bed you can enjoy a temperature specific to your own individual needs. 

The Ambisleep Climate Control Mattress Topper comes complete with elasticated skirt to fit neatly over your mattress avoiding the topper slipping off your bed.

Ambisleep has the seal of approval from the British Allergy Foundation.

Sound Level: 48.5Db

Press Play to watch Sammy Margo, our Sleep Expert, demonstrate the Ambisleep.

9 Temperature Settings

There are 4 cool and 4 warm settings and 1 ambient setting allowing you to choose your perfect sleeping temperature.

Personal Zone Control

The Double and King size toppers have two individual airflow inlets. This dual control system allows both you and your sleeping partner to program your own individual temperature setting at your own side of the bed.

LCD Remote Controls

One remote control is supplied with single toppers and two with the double and king. These frequency based control units mean you can turn on your Ambisleep at a distance and adjust your temperature setting without getting out of bed. These easy to use systems consist of three manual control buttons, standby, temperature down (cooling) and temperature up (heating).

Ambient Bed Airing

A single setting that allows you to air the bed by circulating ambient room temperature air under your duvet. Providing you with the means to keep your bed fresh between washes.

Auto Shut Off

The Ambisleep mattress topper is designed to heat or cool for up to 12 hours continuous use from the initial start up. The climate control fan unit will automatically shut down after 12 hours continuous use into standby mode. If required the system can simply be turned straight back on. The shut down is purely for energy efficiency purposes if left on accidentally.

Quilted Washable Mattress Topper

The mattress topper consists of three parts which must be washed separately, the outer quilted topper, the inner protective membrane and the airflow fabric. The outer quilted topper and the inner protective membrane can both be washed at 60◦, the temperature that kills dust mites.

Quick Set Up DVD

The Ambisleep mattress topper comes together with a quick reference DVD. It actively shows you in an instant how quick Ambisleep is to set up, and gives tips and advice on getting the best from your system.

2 Year Guarantee 

Press Play to watch the Morphy Richards promotional and set up videos.

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Does exactly what is says it will, but fans are noisier than they should be.

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Hi, Could you let me have some more information please about the Ambisleep mattress topper: COMPARISON WITH CLIMPSOM: If you're familiar with the Climsom water cooled mattress topper, how would you compare the Ambisleep for cooling ability? I'm looking for a solution for all night cooling in a hot mediterranean climate and I've tried a Climsom but found it was not able to maintain a sufficiently cool temperature all night. SIZES: What are the actual sizes of the single and double respectively. Ideally, could you tell me the size of the active cooling area, and the size of bed each is designed to fit, as both single and double beds come in a range of sizes. VOLTAGE: Does the Ambisleep only work on UK 230/240 volts, or will it also work on a US type 110/120 volt supply? ONE COOLING UNIT OR TWO: Your illustrations show a single cooling unit supplying a double mattress. Is the cooling unit that comes with the single size Ambisleep also able to supply two single (or a double) mattresses, or does each size mattress topper come with a different size cooling unit?

Comparison with Climpsom: Unfortunately we do not sell the Climsom and so are unfamiliar with this product. The Ambisleep however would be able to maintain a consistent temperature throughout the night.

Sizes: The product is designed to fit standard UK mattress sizes and attaches alike to a fitted sheet. It would therefore cover the entire surface of the mattress. A standard single size measures 90cm x 190cm and a double 135cm x 190cm.

Voltage: I would also confirm this product is designed for UK 230/240 volts.

One cooling unit or two: The double comes with two controls and allows each individual to select their own temperature.

Would this device fit on a SuperKing Size bed with a deep divan?

I am sorry but we only have Single and Double available in this product, and although it comes with an elasticated skirt it would not fit a SuperKing size bed.

Could you tell me the temperatures for the individual settings?

I can confirm that there are 9 temperature settings. Levels 1 - 4 are cooling and reach -7 oC.  Level 5, the default setting, circulates air at ambient room temperature through the mattress topper and levels 6 - 9 are warming and reach +35 oC. 

Hello I wonder if you can give me an idea about the noise level of this system. Many thanks Helen

The sound level is measured at 48.5dB, to compare this to other sound levels 30dB is the level of a whisper in the ear, while 60dB is the level of normal speech in a conversation. 

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